6 tips for designing the best company logo

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6 tips for designing the best company logo

Do you know how to design a functional, well-fitting logo?

In the business marketplace, many factors come to play in the mind of the customer during the process of contemplating whether or not to patronize you. Notwithstanding, amidst the hustle and bustle of negotiation and survey by the customer, one thing that stands out, and speaks louder than words is your company logo.  

Most business individuals pump in thousands of bulks into getting their businesses up and running, yet, having failed to recognize the significance of logos in the marketplace, deprive this aspect of marketing it much needed attention. But, do you know how to design a functional, well-fitting logo?  

Try out these design tips:

What message are you trying to pass across?

As I said, the primary purpose of logos is to drop a message- whether consciously or unconsciously- into the mind of the potential customer. If you aren’t sure of your logo theme, you cannot create a good logo. So, the first step in designing a logo would be to consciously ascertain the perception you want your customer to have of you and then, pass it through your logo. 

Do not make it complicated- keep it simple

I, and indeed no customer, wish to have a hard time deciding what your logo implies or what logo belongs to you. The purpose of logos is to pass a message; a sort of recognition attached to your brand. If your logo makes the customer crack their head, you leave them with the conception of the over-complexity of your product or service. Brands like Apple, Dell, FedEx, HP and services such as BBC and CNN, all have compelling logos- which are all simple. So, keep it simple. 

Don’t forget the colours.

During the process of designing your logo, do not forget the role colours play in the mind of the customers. The psychology of colours affects- either positively or negatively- the view and judgements of the customers concerning your product and services. For instance, red is considered very energetic and full of life, while black is thought of as classic. Pink could be fun and flirty while white is clean and sophisticated. It is better to choose colours that portray the positivity of your company.

Keep social media in mind

Social media would be your top-marketing-platforms list. It would be rational to create something that would be easily spotted out amidst the tons of messages and photos flying around.  

Although this should not be a determining factor, your logo should be easily recognized in a social media thumbnail message or a profile picture.

Think outside the box

There are thousands of businesses out there who copy the same pattern of logos. There are logo trends. But then, these are dynamic- they come and go. While it is essential to take a lesson or two from your predecessors, you would not want to be labelled a copycat. Strive to create something unique.      

Do not be overwhelmed

While designing a logo, it becomes straightforward to be caught up in trying to keep everything perfect. Although, it is refreshing to try making everything perfect; understand that the logo is just a part- not the whole- of your branding equation. So, do not spend all your cash trying to bring out the perfect logo. Remember: keep it simple.