Chase your goals, have self confidence

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Chase your goals

Read our tips on gaining self-confidence, so you can achieve the dreams and goals you have created.

Just imagine: If you had the power never to fail, what is that one thing you would dare to dream? Think about it. Often, even when our dreams are right before us, they seem too far, they seem unrealizable. Not because we aren’t capable of achieving them, but simply because we lack the moral, we believe in ourselves and have the self-confidence to reach out to these visions.

“Lack of self-confidence is like driving through life with your hand-break on”- Maxwell Maltz.

Work on yourself

No one has innate self-confidence. Its either you build it, or you go through life without it. If you see anyone who displays a significant level of self-believe, it’s because he or she has pumped in some degree of work into the realization of themselves. Self-confidence is something you must be determined to build even when the odds are not on your side; also when the circumstances surrounding you seem to deflate it.
A call from a customer asking for a refund or being denied of a contract- not leaving out the fight for assurance you have within yourself, would always give a massive blow on your self-confidence. However, in spite of all these, a determined mind and a positive heart would overcome.  

Dare to dream

Like I said, most times, the thing separating us from that dream job, dream company or dream house is not our inability to achieve them, but our failure to realize our ability to make them. The first step to developing an unshakable self-confidence is daring to dream the impossible-looking beyond reality.

Do not fear 

There are many things we want to do, many ideas we want to put into action; but, we are unsure because we lack the confidence to step out in faith. So, we hold back; we keep to our comfort zone- at least we are guaranteed security.
Unfortunately, this simple act of cowardice is the sole cause of many failed companies and entities. Instead of expanding the company, you are belittled by the small voice in your head saying you aren’t capable.
Just think: what is that idea you would dare to have if you had an absolute conviction that you had no fears of failure, whatsoever? 

Affirm yourself

We always believe what others tell us. In as much as this isn’t necessarily a good human trait, we can channel it into building our self-confidence. Here’s how: stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself what you would want others to say to you. Try to frame your affirmations into questions; as the human brain gravitates into finding answers to problems- even if these questions are false. 
“Why am I so good at marketing”, “Why do I attract such a great number of customers”, Why does my hair look so good”- all these, and many more, are statements that would have a positive impact on your self-confidence when spoken out loud. Remember: the trick is targeted, making a sustainable impact on how you view yourself.