Recovery equals success and resilience.

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Recovery equals success and resilience.

Stress makes us stronger, and rest makes us last for longer

Look around, any successful business or individual has at one time, or the other experienced several bouts of hailstorms which life pecked at them. Although, no one wishes for it, passing through these difficult times remain the only recipe for success. The many trials you go through are mere stepping stones and lesson tutors designed to catapult you to your dream level. 
Yet, getting past this phase isn’t as easy as it seems. Overcoming these times require more than you can imagine- it requires resilience. 

What is resilience

Psychologically, resilience is the ability to cope and emotionally deal with the crisis mentally; returning to your pre-crisis state in no time. Resilience is that little extra push that keeps you moving; even if it seems like a stupid idea. Resilience is the rope that is a link between your hard work and your success.
As an entrepreneur, resilience is a virtue you cannot afford to miss out in your list-of-emotional-assets. It remains the only means by which you can sail through the storms that would surely come your way in the business world.  

How does resilience help in my recovery?

Most people, perhaps including you, believe resilience is about ‘bouncing back’. Actually, no. Resilience entails well more than that.
Resilience is a quality that enables people to move past pain, struggle and fear. In as much as we cannot escape passing through phases that these problems, a resilient mind can make out wisdom from pain, strength from struggle, and courage from fear.

So, instead of bouncing back to the person you were before the crisis, you come out a better person. 

Keep calm, become more resilient

Being frank, resilience isn’t synonymous to being tough. As an entrepreneur, working round the clock; sparing no time for rest is just being sturdy- not resilient. We believe that the longer we play it out, the more results we achieve. However, the longer we play it out, the weaker we become and the lesser we deliver. An irony! Resilience teaches you the value of quality downtime.

In as much as you would love to become hugely successful, there’s no point getting over-obsessed with results; so you continue working your  

bum off. Instead, take a day off, go on vacation with the kids, go to the movies, take a trip to the beach, have a good sleep. Why? Because rest is a way to build resilience. Quality rest helps you think better, faster and make much more efficient decisions.

Build a balance

Humans aren’t computers. We are not designed to work for long hours without taking a break. Yes, take a vacation, have quality and longer sleep -don’t mess with your rest. 

However, try to build a balance between stress and rest; so you don’t find yourself tilting to a state of laziness. Every 90 minutes of intense work, take a break. Keep away from your phone. Go for a cup of coffee with a colleague or friend. Stress makes us stronger, and rest makes us last for longer. A combination of the two leads to geometric growth and faster recovery.