How to create an effective review workflow

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How to create an effective review workflow

Always remember to address the root cause of the problem; stop beating around the bush

Before I got my present car, I looked up its review on google. I loved what people were saying about it; so I went for it. Funnily enough, I am not the only one who does this. According to Testimonial Engine, 72% of customers reportedly don’t take actions on products until they have read at least one review.

With the rise of social media and internet marketing, customers could have a plethora of information- about your product, with a single google search. So, why don’t you harness this fact in your online marketing? Gaining customers’ trust in your products would require you to have good reviews. Getting good reviews would require some techniques. 

Be proactive with your review request

You should know that your customers are also busy; trying to make ends meet. Stopping by on a website to leave a comment about your product could be mission impossible, if not pushed a little. Yeah, most of the time customers’ willingness to talk about your product is fueled by extreme positive or negative experiences. You have got to give them a little push. According to power reviews; 80% of reviews from customers originate from emails sent to these customers. So, don’t laze around expecting customers to drop good reviews; reach out to them!

Promote the good, sort out the bad.

Having a customer talk bad about your product should be the last thing on your agenda. It is impossible to have positive customer reviews from all customers; however, it is possible to change the bad experiences from customers to a positive one.

For instance, ask customers to rate your product on a 5-star rating. If you get ratings 1-3 from any customer, direct the customer to the customer care service. If you get 4-5 from any customer, direct the customer to a review site- to drop comments. This way, you can avert negative customer reviews and simultaneously encourage positive ones.

Use Google alerts

If you are looking for a cost-effective method of controlling your review online, here you go! Google alert is a free online tool you can use to your advantage. Tell google alert specific keywords to watch out for as well as the sites you want to be given updates about.

Peradventure, if there is a negative customer review, you should be the first to see it and of course, follow up.

Display the reviews on your sites

It won’t be appropriate to leave the review management of external websites- get your website on it too. Reviews are essential to trust signals you could use to both boost customers trust and skyrocket sales.

Remember that 73% of customers rely on local business reviews before patronizing them. Do not forsake the area of review management with your site.

Good response to negative reviews

Like I previously mentioned, you would surely have negative reviews. That means you would need an effective management scheme. Responding to your reviews publicly shows how much you care about your customer’s welfare.

In case you are at sea on how to answer negative reviews, they are important rules. Always remember to address the root cause of the problem; stop beating around the bush. Give an offer of making sorting things out. Make sure your response is timely. And of course, don’t forget to thank the customer for patronizing you.