Control this one thing, to become more successful

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Control this one thing

In as much as emotional intelligence is a fundamental skill, you must possess, the way and manner various individuals choose to attain this feat is variant.

Whether in relationships or businesses, humans all have one thing in common: emotions. Learn how to control it and watch your business grow to heights you never dreamed off.  

Look at it this way: we all are humans. Emotions naturally spring up in the course of our daily activities. At times, it is difficult to predict what emotions could spring up at what instant; however, it is easy to control what you do with these emotions. Learning how to either harness these emotions for your business good or keep them utterly silent in the process of decision making would result in you making better, and more intelligent business judgements.    

How do you control your emotions?

In as much as emotional intelligence is a fundamental skill, you must possess, the way and manner various individuals choose to attain this feat is variant. Here, we would list a variety of ways; which if you follow can help you control your emotions:  

Identify the pattern 

The first step to moving forward in any situation is understanding where you are and having a foresight of your destination; your goal. Here, emotions could be very tricky. One minute you are all happy and the next, you are angry at a co-worker. Most times, there are trigger factors that initiate most of these emotions. And these emotions follow patterns or established a routine. For instance, you may discover that once you are angry at a co-worker, you feel easily distracted and end up making bad decisions and judgements. Once you can identify these factors, it would be easier to tackle your frequent emotional outburst.      

Remain calm amidst adversity 

In the business world, challenges and risks are such to come. And, you need to make decisions- decisions that would either make or mar your career. It is easy for emotions like anger or fear to take over your mind. However, you can choose to remain calm. When faced with situations like this, take a break, analyze what you are feeling, decide to put aside such emotions and be quiet. Although it won’t be a smooth ride, the continuous practice would help you make more realistic than self-sabotaging decisions and judgements.

Keep practising your emotional management skills 

The truth is it won’t be easy trying to change your passionate lifestyle at an instant. And there would always be a specific emotion- perhaps anger or fear – that gets the most of you every time. Just don’t give up. The occasional but consistent practice would do the trick. Whenever you are faced with emotional difficulties, the first step is trying to remain calm.  

The more time and attention you spend on regulating your emotional outbursts, the more mental strength you develop. This is what happens: you gain confidence while trying to manage the discomfort emotion bring with them while knowing that you would make better decisions if you succeed in getting loose from its grip.

One more thing: never make decisions amidst an emotional crisis. It often leads to regrets.