8 tips on taking care of yourself during this busy season

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8 tips on taking care of yourself during this busy season

Pick a thing from your personal to-do list and accomplish it, it helps a lot.

Life, as we know it, is ever-changing. Just as there are times when we hardly get up from bed, there are other times when we have to work our asses out. While the off-season period gives us a chance to reflect on our past accomplishments and mistakes as well as work on better business strategies, busy seasons knock us off-balance and hardly provides us with an opportunity to take a breather.   
Self-care, however, remains one of the best strategies and is paramount to run a successful business. So, here are tips that if you implement, takes care of your self-care need this busy season:  

Take a trip to your childhood

Ever watched kids play? Take note of how much vigour and energy that put into their play, yet, they end the day fulfilled and satisfied. Won’t it be great if you had such a rejuvenating spirit? It is possible; if you could remember what you loved best as a child. Listening to music, playing an instrument, reading a book- whatever it is… Incorporating it into your daily schedule could do the trick of easing the stress your work brings along.  

Stop that procrastination

Procrastination is an enemy of progress; everyone knows that. But, we still do it anyway. I always wanted to replace my curtains; so, last week, I did it. The amount of joy I felt was immeasurable. Pick a thing from your to-do list and accomplish it; it helps a lot.    

Go to dinner with an old friend 

You know that one friend who laughs all the time. Invite them over for dinner. Catch up on all the things you guys missed out, talk about your favourite movie, give them real hugs, laugh together. As healthy as these activities might seem, it goes, a long way in boosting your mood and reducing your stress levels.   

Volunteer for charity

You could pick a day to volunteer or join an NGO- choose what fits you best. I know how ironic this might sound but, taking care of others is a fantastic way of taking care of yourself. Do you know the funny thing about volunteering? As opposed to regular jobs, the stress of meeting deadlines is low; that’s even if there’s any.      

Be physical! 

Join a gym, take swimming lessons, play volleyball, go climbing- do anything that involves more of your physical manpower rather your mental strength. We spend way too much time behind the desk that we forget that our legs could also run. Personal, a day in the gym makes me think faster and makes me feel generally good.   

Book that flight 

Just like I, I know there are several places and tourism centres you have always wished to visit. Why don’t you do it? Book that flight, and enjoy yourself for some time. Travelling has impressive physical and mental benefits, and most would wow your mind.          

Get enough sleep

The benefit of rest to the human body cannot be overemphasized. The dizzy feeling you get when you miss a night sleep is only a short-term effect of a sleepless night. Missing out on the recommended sleep dosage according to your age has a range of long-term effects, one being memory loss. So, sleep is an efficient way of becoming more productive at work while taking care of your body.  

Take it easy

Don’t let work get into you. Make out time for yourself to take a breather. If you feel your head is spinning, take a day off to get things organized. If things aren’t going according to plan, don’t stress. Devising ways to work smarter, and not necessarily harder, is a fantastic way of caring for yourself.