10 ways to prepare your business for 2020

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10 ways to prepare your business for 2020

2020 holds numerous victories for your business.

Business owners are in the mood of reflection- casting their mind backs on their accomplishments and mistake in 2019. However, although learning from past mistakes is a good strategy when it comes to business development, it would be of no use if actions are not taken. 

2020 holds numerous victories for your business. Nonetheless, it is impossible to claim them if you fail to make adequate preparation for the incoming year. With this in mind, we have compiled some tips that would come in a handful during the process of development.  
Improve your product or services 
I am knowingly beginning with this aspect of business promotion. Why? Because it is overlooked. The whole purpose of preparing your business revolves around increasing your customers’ satisfaction. And there’s absolutely no way you can do so if your product or service quality is static. So, first things first, gather information on how well your product/service is faring in the market through customer feedback and put in a heck of time into product development.     
Build your website 
Hey! We are in the 21st century. You need not be reminded that the 21st century has turned the world into a global village; through the internet. And guess what? Your website is one piece of the internet under your control. Build it into an easy-to-you and customer friendly site containing contents customers would consider relevant. 
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   
In as much as your website is within your control, it is subject to Google’s SEO ranking. In order words, if you want more traffic on your sites, it is up to you to devise strategies to climb up the rank. Later in this article, you will come across means of increasing your ranking.  
Brand building
Do you know how famous a brand is to your business growth? Allow me to show you. Once people know about you and what you do, they do a google search about your brand. The more searches Google receives about your business brand, the higher the credibility Google assigns to your brand, and the higher your SEO ranking.
Consider improving your content marketing skills
Since people require up-to-date information, harness this need by providing them with engaging contents (memes, videos, articles) while equally building your fan base. Content marketing is not making a video about why people should buy your product. That’s advertisements.
Go green
In a bid to win the heart of your potential customers, try going green. Why? More and more customers gravitate towards companies that preach the gospel of environmentalism. It would be great if you could  teach strong environmental values such as the use of disposable cups rather than plastics in your workplace.     
Automate the right way 
Automation is single-handedly becoming one of the most valuable tools in business today. One of the best ways to harness the power of automation is replacing menial tasks done by your workers with electronic gadgets that handle them correctly. This way, your worker can focus more and increase company revenue.      
Contact your clients 
Clients matter a lot- and so does your relationship with them. Create a list of 10-30 clients. If you don’t have that many clients, supplement it with potential clients. Regular check up on them, without necessarily talking business, could foster better relationships and raise trust levels.   
Be a social media freak 
No matter what you do, or how you do it, social media should be your number one source of customers. It houses millions of people, and it is impossible to skip the majority of your target audience. Use social media to promote your business and watch as the levels of customer patronage sky-rockets.   

Find a mentor and reach out to experts 
In as much as you try growing your business yourself, you might need one or two advice from experts. Also, mentorship is one of the valuable relationships you could build. A mentor is someone who is there to push you forward when things look rough. A half-hour daily meeting your mentor is non-negotiable in 2020.