Empathy: 4 things to remember

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Empathy: 4 things to remember

Being able to see the world from others point of view is such a beautiful talent- don’t waste it.

Whether as a group leader in your community’s project or a project director in your company; the chances are that you have been frustrated at least once and have asked the question ‘what do they want’.

Something unique about humans is our range of emotional nuances. Whether it be interpersonal or formal relationships, it’s important to have a sense of empathy for your team members. In other words, you should know how to apply the act of understanding and sharing others feeling in your team.

I have always applied four unique points whenever it comes to the subject of empathy. Hopefully, you could find them useful.


Do they really need your help?

Nobody; and definitely not a member of your team wants to feel undermined. We all want to have a feeling of control over what we do. So, before throwing a hand of assistance, confirm they need your help. For instance, I once worked as part of a project team in my workplace. The board of directors apparently thought I needed an extra hand in the area I was assigned to- but I didn’t. As a result, I felt I was incapable of handling this responsibility. It took me speaking out to oppose the idea and a little time of self-motivation to build that trust I had in the management and myself. In the workplace, each person has to take into account every other person’s needs and ideas to figure out how to compliment or add to the team effort, rather than to detract from it.


Give them your full attention

When others communicate, learn to listen. Pay rapt attention to the keywords in their sentences, their emphasis, their tone. Also, check out their body language and attention. This way, it would be easier for you to ‘enter their head’. Just step up your game on your mindful listening ability; your amount of empathy for your co-workers would drastically increase.


Consider other people perspective

Perspective-taking is the act of looking at things from the point of view other than ours. If you want to show empathy towards people, step into their shoes and see things how they see them. For instance, if there is a misunderstanding in the team, try looking through their point of view on the subject of argument. When it comes to empathy, it is not about what we would do but about what others would do.


Don’t just sit- act.

Being able to see the world from others point of view is such a beautiful talent- don’t waste it. It would be no use if you can feel others emotions but fail to express it. A pleasant morning greeting with a smile can go a long way. Pay attention when they open up to you. Use your instinct to detect the hidden meaning to their words. Be curious about their family- talk and counsel.

Wrapping up.

A friend of mine told me “We humans are like the stars- of course, we shine bright. However, if we come together we can shine brighter than stars, we can shine like the moon”. We can always do better when we work as a team.