How can Entrepreneurs be more confident at work

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How can Entrepreneurs be more confident at work

Self-confidence is your biggest weapon and tool when it comes to entrepreneurship or a startup. Wear it proudly!

Self-confidence plays a very important factor in career growth. Millennials are most insecure about their jobs. To survive in today’s demanding workplace, it is important to build self-confidence. Not only does it give visibility to the person but also makes sure that his/her voice is heard. It is something which doesn’t happen overnight. However, by following a few steps, one can gain confidence to win in life.

Entrepreneur India lists out a few tips for young entrepreneurs to help them build their self-confidence.

Vanky Kenny Kataria, Motivational Speaker, believes reading a motivational story is always helpful when you are struggling with low confidence.

“Also, do things which you thought you should have done but haven’t done yet. Like, you wanted to apologize to your mother for your not so kind behavior with her the other day. But, you couldn’t gather the courage.  So, when you are low on self-confidence, do these things. It would take the baggage off your chest and make you feel great about yourself and that is precisely what is required to boost your confidence,” said Kataria

Don’t be Afraid to Fail:

It is not easy to overcome the fear of failure. It stops us further from taking risks and trying new things in life. Pooja Duggal, Founder Healthunt feels the biggest blow to anyone’s self-confidence is failure.

“While it is okay to feel disappointed the first time you fail, people should remind themselves relentlessly until they’ve internalized the message that no failure is permanent. In fact, even the smallest failures will teach you more than the biggest victories would. Therefore, it is important to teach yourself to not fear failure,” shared Duggal adding that one should go out and make mistakes. It’s the best thing to do.

Learn To Be Proud:

Low confidence is one of the common reasons why people don’t take risks. Manikant Jain, Founder & CEO Yerha.com, emphasized that budding entrepreneurs should never be afraid of taking risks.

“Self-confidence is your biggest weapon and tool when it comes to entrepreneurship or a startup. Wear it proudly! Through your work, always seek to bring a positive change in the society. Believe in yourself, your aim, and your abilities. Keep your head high, feet on the ground, and aim for the stars,” said Jain.

Believe You Can Do It:

According to Pankaj Dwivedi, Motivational Speaker and Author, one must always remember to operate from the space of “I can do it” because it also includes the learning and skill development necessary for “How will I do it?”.

“We confuse ‘I can do it with ‘How will I do it?’. Being confident that ‘I can do it,’ comes very naturally but it gets overshadowed by ‘How to do it?’ So, don’t let the ‘How will it happen?’ overwhelm you,” said Dwivedi