Latest product news – March 2021

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This month, we’ve focused on enhancing our existing products on the Xero platform. Our teams use the ‘test, learn, refine’ principle to continuously improve the features you use every day, so you can streamline your accounting work and grow your business.

New features

Find your expenses with new filters — Global

Struggling to find the expense claim you’re looking for? We’ve introduced new filters that make it easier for you and your team to track claims in Xero Expenses. You can now filter them by claim type, labels and employee to easily see where your money is spent. From there, you can click on the expense to see more detail, then either edit, approve or decline.

Block invoices that exceed a credit limit — Global

When multiple people are creating invoices in your business, it can be hard to control the amount of credit extended to customers. Our latest feature in credit limits automatically blocks someone from sending or approving an invoice, if the amount exceeds the credit limit for that contact (only available in new invoicing). If it’s a repeating invoice, the blocked invoice will go to drafts instead.

Find the right advisor for your business — Global

We’ve added a new matchmaking tool into our Advisor Directory. It looks beyond location to match your small business with an advisor that may best suit their needs. To use the tool, you’ll need to complete a form with some details about your business, including industry, size and business type. Our algorithms will then match you with three suggested Xero partners.

Split payments across multiple transactions — Global

You can now split payments across as many transactions as you like using the Xero Accounting App. When reconciling an invoice, Xero now applies the part payment amount automatically. You can edit and remove the payment amount, as well as choose how much you want to allocate to each transaction. This feature is available in both iOS and Android.

Claim JobMaker payments using Xero Payroll — AU

We’ve made it easy to nominate eligible employees and claim payments as a part of the JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme. The JobMaker claim codes are automatically created for you in Xero Payroll and filed to the Australian Tax Office via Single Touch Payroll.

Get one-click access to common reports — US

You can now find common formats for Income Statement (Profit and Loss) reports in just one click. This enhancement speeds up your reporting workflow using common date ranges and tracking categories for a standard format, or creating custom reports that suit your needs. This feature will be rolled out globally in the coming months.

Generate your 1099s with ease — US

We’ve made a number of updates to our 1099 generation process in Xero. You can now generate 1099 rules with any account you like, and have better visibility to missing contact information. You can easily select and deselect transactions from the details page and use the search functionality to quickly find contact groups and accounts. Filing 1099s in Xero is easy once you know how. Watch this video for more details, or reach out to us for support.

Written by: Anna Curzon – Xero