5 things social media posts have in common

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5 things social media posts have in common

Not everyone understands how to appropriate the use of social media when it comes to marketing.

Last night, we had a discussion during our family dinner. The subject of discussion was how social media had turned the world into a global village. A message that could take a lifetime to be delivered would be delivered for you in seconds through Facebook. My sister; Helen, stated how through social media, she was able to reach through thousands of customers in seconds- something that would have been considered impossible in the 15th century.

Sadly, not everyone understands how to appropriate the use of social media when it comes to marketing. I have compiled some keynotes you should consider when posting stuff on social media platforms:

Have empathy

When it comes to brand promotion through the use of social media, you must possess the skill of understanding how others feel about what you are trying to promote. In other words, look through their eyes. If you were in their shoes, what portion of your content would you dislike? Which would you want more explanation for? But don’t just stop there. Go further by meeting their every desire.

Do more of visuals

Don’t bore me with a 1000-word article of how well your product would meet my need. Chill… don’t get me wrong. It is not out of place to be a little bit explanatory about the goods you sell or the services you provide; however, you should ensure you put something that draws the attention of your potential clients. Input pictures alongside your article to create a mental image of what you are trying to communicate across to your customers.

Use emojis

Come on…we live in the 21st century- an age where people get mood swings by just looking at emojis. If you want to keep your readers in tune with your content or what you are trying to pass across, use the suitable emojis. If a sad person looks through your content and a laughing emoji pops up, it would light up his mood. This way, your click-through rates improve. Surely, emojis will improve your engagement metrics.

Tell them about you.

Nobody wants to fall into the hands of fraudsters. Mentioning a little bit about yourself would let them feel safe. If you wish, pop in some photos of yourself. Your followers would see who is behind the scenes and learn about the person is running the company affairs. Go the extra mile by sharing pictures of your employees- without them; your business wouldn’t have survived.

Drop inspirational quotes.

Running out of ideas on what to post? Well, you can never be out of inspirational quotes. Run a simple google search. If you are a good writer, come up with lovely quotes. Doing this, you would make them feel more comfortable with your credibility. It steers up a feeling of confidence in them in the sense that you do not only care about them because you want to make money, but you do care about them. It’s simple- stronger interpersonal relationship attracts more engagement on your post.